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Integrating Innovation, Business and Medicine

During this modern time of global rapid progress, the potential of science and technology to surpass every aspect of life seemed to be unbounded. Research in various fields has helped to strengthen its orientation towards the universe to handle complex situations. Transpopmed transpire with the aim of integrating Innovation, Business and Medicine which facilitates better understanding about technological developments and advancements across the world. We provide an opportunistic forum and vibrant platform to meet the highest demand, by reflexive interaction amongst scientific professionals, global regulatory authorities, academic professionals, industry professionals, pharmacy professionals and regulatory officers by exhibiting their nascent work in the form of publishing. Please contact the Chief Editor, Dr. Renyu Liu at the University of Pennsylvania , at  chiefeditor@transpopmed.org   if you have any questions or wish to support the journal, Translational Perioperative and Pain Medicine, or become an editor of the journal, or plan to submit a paper to be published in the journal. Please review author instructions carefully before submitting your paper.




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