Instructions for Authors

This embedded guide is composed of nominal instructions making it easier for authors to publish their work. Source follows iThenticate pre and post protocols for submission process, peer review, response to reviewers and final publishing process. Short foreword about guide could shorten your queries – and will positively build the chance that your paper will be accepted in a short span of time.

Starting with a word about our journal

Transpopmed is an open access publisher which implies that all papers published can be accessed and retrieved for free by any who has internet access. The Open Access platform adhere innovative advancement from scholar clinicians and researchers for retrieving scholarly work by fading financial barriers put up by classic and access publishers.

General Principles

  • We request authors to follow these general principles which will make submission simple and quicker and means you are much more likely to get your paper accepted.
  • Compose your paper in plain English utilizing US spellings
  • Make sure your paper has a logical structure and correct spelling and grammar
  • A submitted manuscript must be an original contribution not previously published and must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. The authors should also check the manuscript to ensure no evidence of plagiarism. Copy of the author’s own work published in the past is also prohibited.
  • All authors are requested to check the files required before submitting the manuscript.
  • Authors should send the cover letter stating to Editor-in-chief of the Journal while submitting the manuscript. The template of the cover letter can be downloaded here.
  • Any queries and to know the status regarding your manuscript submitted, please contact editorial office, at
  • Requests for help and other questions will be addressed within 2 business days.
  • Copyright: All authors hold the copyrights for the work published.


Preparation of manuscript

Preferred electronic format for text is Microsoft Word

  • Title Page: It should include (a) complete manuscript title (b) Author’s full names, highest academic degrees, and affiliations (c) Name and address for the correspondence, including telephone number, and E-mail address of corresponding author. Funding Information must be provided.
  • Abstract : Abstract is mandatory for research and review articles. It may be upto the limit of 300 words.
  • Keywords: 3-5 Keywords
  • Figures and Tables: Ensure tables and figures are cited
  • Number it consecutively
  • Provide a descriptive heading/legend
  • In the rare event that you are utilizing figures or tables that are taken from papers of others, regardless of the possibility that they are from your own particular paper in another journal, you will usually need to ask authorization from the journal before you can utilize the figure.


References format

For a smooth publishing process and convenience of the readers, we highly recommend author to link the reference to its original abstract or full article or provide PubMed ID in the original submitted word file.

 Please download below Endnote style file for your Endnote to manage your reference. You may refer to the following instruction to manage the style file ( Alternatively, you may follow the format of reference of Anesthesia & Analgesia  or PLOSONE


Numbered citation (citation-sequence) method and first five authors, et al. References are listed and numbered in the order that they appear in the text. In the text, citations should be indicated by the reference number in brackets.

Here are examples of the acceptable format for published papers:

Wang Z, Ma N, Riley J, Armstead WM, Liu R (2012) Salvinorin A administration after global cerebral hypoxia/ischemia preserves cerebrovascular autoregulation via kappa opioid receptor in piglets. PLOS ONE 7: e41724.  PMID:22911847

Liu R, Huang X-P, Yeliseev A, Xi J, Roth BL. Novel molecular targets of dezocine and their clinical implications. Anesthesiology 2014;120:714-23. PMID:24263237

Note: Use of a DOI number for the full-text article is acceptable as an alternative to or in addition to traditional volume and page numbers.


Bates B (1992) Bargaining for life: A social history of tuberculosis. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press. 435 p.

Book Chapters

Hansen B (1991) New York City epidemics and history for the public. In: Harden VA, Risse GB, editors. AIDS and the historian. Bethesda: National Institutes of Health. pp. 21-28.


The website need to be cited properly in the context with parentheses and the last date accessed.

For example (, last date accessed June 27, 2014)

Publication Fee

There is no charges for publication for this journal at this moment.

Conflicts of Interest

Authors must state all possible conflicts of interest in the manuscript, including financial, consultant, institutional and other relationships that might lead to bias or a conflict of interest. Acknowledgement at the end of the article.

Human and Animal Rights, and Consents.

All the human and animal related studies needs internal review board approval. A clear statement in the paper should  be provided. A statement for written consent needs to be provided in the paper also for all the human studies if a written consent is needed.The editorial office may request to provide evidence of approval if a suspect of violation of a study. When written consents are needed, the authors may be requested to provide such consent.

Status of your paper

When you have submitted your paper through the online framework you will you will receive a notification from our editorial office within 24 hours of your submission. Peer review, Resubmission process and Acceptance of the article After a peer review process, authors are requested to send the revised version of their manuscript or a rebuttal for the review comments where the final decision lies with the editor of the manuscript. Post acceptance: Once the editor decision is “accept”, the authors are immediately informed with the acceptance letter from the editorial office. We will send you the proof of the paper as soon as possible. Your paper is open access so you can message the link to your colleagues, library or institution.

Help desk

If you experience any difficulty with 1) Submission process 2) Finding your article status or for any further queries please contact

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